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Do you obsess about uptime and have near-maniacal intensity to improve your service? Are you constantly searching for the most modern ways to improve performance, scalability, security and quality…? Get to know the unsurpassed solutions for:


Sumo Logic empowers DevOps teams with a simple and scalable solution for monitoring KPI's and metrics across the entire stack to deliver quality software.

Stream Continuous Delivery

Scale on-demand, share the same truth about critical issues, trends and opportunities across the application stack and DevOps tool chain to accelerate releases and improve code.

Monitor KPI's and Metrics

Keep tabs on KPI’s in rapid development and production environments. Improve both code and uptime by monitoring run time issues, exceptions and performance SLA’s.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time developing code. Quickly collaborate for root cause analysis of bugs and fix performance issues before they impact customers.

IT Infrastructure and Operations

The Sumo Logic service helps transforms IT data into better customer experience and business decisions by extracting valuable information such as latencies, performance metrics, trends and critical events tied with core systems and services.

Monitor All Workloads

Monitor your complex workloads and migrations for errors, warnings, performance and availability across cloud and on-premises infrastructure stacks.

Troubleshoot And Increase Uptime

Quickly identify root cause of issues and increase uptime. Spend less time managing incidents and more time building innovative new IT services.

Simplify, Modernize and Save Costs

Modernize your management stack with a SaaS solution designed for your dynamic environment and meet your needs for elastic scale and lower TCO.

Compliance and Security

Simplify and automate compliance and security monitoring across your entire stack with a predictive SaaS analytics solution.

Automate and Demonstrate Compliance

Automatically generate audit ready compliance reports from your event logs. Demonstrate compliance for PCI and other audits with pre-built searches, real-time dashboards, and pre-defined reports.

Visibility Across All Systems

Simplify cloud and on-premise audits through a single pane of glass. Strengthen your security posture with a composite view across network, server, and application stack.

Think Beyond Rules

Predictive analytics powered by machine learning algorithms uncover unknown security events without relying on rules or predefined schemas to ward off impending threats.

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