Service Catalog

IT organizations and service providers are looking for ways to offload work and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. BMC Service Request Management provides a web-based solution that displays a service catalog to end users and enables them to submit and manage service requests — without calling the help desk. Integrated with automated request fulfillment, service level management, and demand analysis, BMC delivers high-quality services, increases agility, and supports compliance.

Benefit from service request management software with an intuitive self-help portal; easily configurable service-request creation and fulfillment processes; built-in knowledge search and password reset capabilities; and flexible workflow approval options.

Does your IT department experience any of these following challenges?

  • Business views IT as a cost "black hole"
  • Difficulty showing the value of IT to business
  • Not viewed as a strategic partner in the business

The Service Catalog helps your IT department gain credibility in your organization:

  • Cost transparency to the business
  • Create value along key business dimensions
  • Improved demand management
  • More holistic view of IT performance

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