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IT Automation Software

Puppet’s IT automation software automates the configuration and ongoing management of machines, devices and the software running on them. Puppet gives IT operations teams the power to automate repetitive tasks, consistently provision new systems, quickly deploy critical applications and proactively manage IT infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud.

Tens of thousands of the world’s leading companies rely on the Puppet engine for getting the work done, and automation for doing it repeatedly, so they can spend less time firefighting and more time deploying great software.

Accelerate Deployment & Reduce Downtime with IT Automation

Reduce cycle times to get more software deployed

Automatically remediate configuration drift

Make fast, iterative changes

Get detailed insight into hardware and software configurations

Define a configuration once, and apply it to thousands of machines

What is Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise is a complete enterprise solution that helps organizations achieve DevOps initiatives and helps you deliver new applications and features to your customers, faster and more reliably. You get all of the benefits of Open Source Puppet, plus out-of-the-box capabilities including Puppet Apps, commercial-only enhancements, supported modules and integrations, and the assurance of having a fully supported platform.

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As a global technology and services company, we have years of experience delivering impactful results focused on
DevOps, IT Management, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and more throughout the United States, Canada,
United Kingdom, and India. Our 95% client retention speaks volume as to how we operate as a business. We don’t view
winning new business simply as a transaction. It is our sole intent and goal to partner with each of our clients.

It’s simple: We only succeed when you succeed.

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