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Leveraging today’s abundance of DevOps tools, organizations are developing and releasing software at an unprecedented speed. However, the DevOps culture has strained IT delivery capacity, as they try to keep up with demands for more robust and more frequent delivery of services and software to the enterprise. To ease this strain, IT needs to shift their focus to creating and publishing reusable assets. Through this self-service driven producer/consumer model, IT departments can help realize their organization’s DevOps vision.

Our team of certified MuleSoft professionals encourages API-led connectivity as a driver to enterprise DevOps success. API-led connectivity introduces microservices stitched together by well-designed, well-documented, and easily discovered modern APIs. Such an approach helps IT departments focus on exposing sustainable and reusable assets, in turn enabling the enterprise to create new capabilities from these artifacts.

Through our diverse technology partnerships, Column offers a coordinated approach to API-led connectivity. We combine integration, DevOps, and security expertise into a comprehensive delivery methodology.

Integrate API-Led Connectivity into enterprise DevOps Vision

  • Design and build microservices connected by modern APIs.
  • Develop reusable, loosely coupled connectivity assets that come together to form a network of connected applications.
  • Promote discovery of connectivity assets through self-service, while ensuring central IT maintains visibility into every API created and consumed.
  • Expose data and connectivity artifacts to new audiences to promote speed and innovation across the enterprise.

Create an integrated pipeline for the API development lifecycle with the Anypoint Platform™

  • Empower API developers with API development lifecycle best practices, centered around MuleSoft Anypoint Platform tools.
  • Through Anypoint Platform and technology partnerships, introduce an API development pipeline to allow customers to build, test, and release API’s and microservices quickly and reliably.

Manage and Secure API’s with Ease

  • Column’s MuleSoft Certified Architects and Developers ensure API’s are secure by design by integrating best practices into design and development.
  • Column’s Technology partnerships ensure API’s are employing the most advanced practices for authorization and authentication, secrets management, and data security.

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