Managing a Complex Cloud Environment

When most people think of cloud computing, their frame of reference is generally tied to public cloud services like those offered by Amazon Web Services. This isn’t surprising given that these types of services are utilized widely due to the flexibility provided to the companies that utilize them. However, the reality of modern enterprise level cloud computing is shifting toward solutions that involve a complex cloud environment comprised of a unique combination of public and private cloud systems.

Enterprise Businesses Are Initiating Complex Cloud Environments

Many organizations that are concerned with privacy and security issues are initiating their own private cloud systems that can be protected behind a firewall. These systems often spread out across a variety of servers and data centers, creating complex cloud environments that require special handling. Addressing these types of systems, Tim Groenfeldt of Forbes Magazine stated that “Managing a complex cloud environment is a task for specialists. Enter BMC with Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) which helps firms develop Amazon-like cloud flexibility in-house.

CLM Environments Provide Great Flexibility

These CLM systems provide a level of elasticity and scalability that can create a cloud based environment perfectly suited to addressing a company’s particular needs. This flexibility includes the ability to incorporate legacy systems into your new cloud environment. Rather than replacing legacy systems outright, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management facilitates the connection of your legacy systems with the cloud. These blended environments are capable of running on the web while accessing existing apps, services and/or databases.

BMC’s system also allows your organization to employ Cloud as a Service (CaaS), a true Software as a Service (Saas) deployment which allows your private or hybrid cloud environment to be up and running quickly because there is nothing to install, operate, or maintain. If needed, your organization can operate around the world with all instances having the same structural configurations controlled from a single, central hub. The BMC CLM platform allows you to deliver agility, efficiency, and cost savings that just aren’t possible with a static infrastructure.

In order to succeed, your organization needs a system that fits their exact needs in both OS centric operations and “up the stack” operations. Implementing a CaaS solution based on BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management system can help you address those needs in a fast, simple, and cost-effective manner. Managing a complex cloud environment has never been easier. Contact Column Technologies Today to learn more!