Beautiful Front Ends for Complex Back Ends

Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data started helping companies streamline internal systems in 1997 by building beautiful front ends for complex back ends. Kinetic Data’s approach has been to maximize and modernize existing corporate tools and processes to simplify everyday tasks with their Kinetic Platform.

Today the Kinetic Platform provides the foundation for leading companies around the world to accelerate business operations.

Kinetic Data offers the following software tools and applications:

Service Portal

Service Portal allows customers to design, manage and fulfill services across the organization.


An onboarding portal is a great way to get started with anything new. Whether a new employee or a new vendor - get them on the path to a successful launch.

Kinetic Platform

Build digital forms and workflows on a platform that both customers and developers will love! The Kinetic Platform is built on modern, web-scale technology that has been battle tested by some of the world's largest organizations.

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