Extend the value and capabilities of the platform

Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data delivers business service management and service delivery management software tools built on the BMC® Remedy® Action Request System® platform. The software extends the value and capabilities of the platform—throughout the entire enterprise.

The facts speak volumes about Kinetic Data’s leadership in developing BMC Remedy software tools and applications that enhance service management capabilities:

  • Kinetic Data offers the largest portfolio of third-party “built on BMC Remedy” BSM packaged applications.
  • Kinetic Data’s software tools and applications extend the value of the BMC Remedy platform beyond IT throughout the entire enterprise.
  • Kinetic Data tools extend BSM to departments throughout the organization by linking BMC Remedy to enterprise and external applications.

Kinetic Data offers the following suite of BMC Remedy software tools and applications:

Kinetic Request

Actionable web-based, request management portals offer complete workflow control and flexibility for service requests.

Kinetic Survey

Process-driven survey management ensures quality feedback. Kinetic Survey is the only web-based survey management software that’s totally embedded in BMC Remedy workflow. It’s rules based and context sensitive to ensure meaningful, actionable, and timely feedback for making better decisions.

Kinetic Calendar

Actionable online calendars keep everyone in sync. Kinetic Calendar is the only online calendar tool built on BMC Remedy. Developers can easily display any BMC Remedy time-based data in a calendar format.

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