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Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite

As a leading business intelligence consultant, Column offers a powerful, cost-effective BI suite with robust security, certified platform support, managed release cycles, embedded and distribution rights, and modifiable source code.

Jaspersoft: The Leading Business Intelligence Software

Jaspersoft’s business intelligence suite is the world’s most widely used BI software, with more than 9 million product downloads worldwide and more than 11,000 commercial customers in 96 countries. The company’s Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite provides a web-based, open and modular approach to the evolving business intelligence needs of the enterprise. Jaspersoft’s software is rapidly updated by a community of more than 100,000 registered members working on more than 350 projects, which represents the world’s largest business intelligence community.

The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite

The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite builds on JasperReports and iReport, the world’s most popular open source Java reporting library and graphical report designer, to provide a comprehensive family of Business Intelligence (BI) products.

The suite spans the continuum of core BI requirements, including operational reporting, interactive end-user query & reporting, dashboarding, production reporting, data analysis, and data integration. Products are available either stand-alone, or as part of an integrated suite using common metadata and shared services such as security, repository, and scheduling. Jaspersoft is built on and exposes comprehensive public APIs enabling customization, extensibility, pluggability, and seamless integration with other applications for businesses and developers.

Jaspersoft’s suite of products is offered through a professional edition to provide advanced BI functionality, with the assurance of professional quality technical support and commercial licensing protections. Jaspersoft Professional Edition products are ideal for organizations that need full-featured standalone or integrated BI capabilities including:

  • Print-ready production reporting
  • Parameterized web reporting
  • Ad hoc query and reporting
  • Drag & drop dashboarding
  • Integrated data analysis in reports
  • Relational OLAP data analysis
  • Graphical data integration/ETL
  • Row & column level data security for reporting and OLAP
  • Multi-tenancy for SaaS applications

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