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Jaspersoft Business Intelligence for BMC Remedy ITSM

Gathering data, calculating metrics, and delivering results are essential for managing the IT organization and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. So why are processing and managing ITSM information so often manual, complex, error-prone, and expensive?

The Solution: Column ITSM Intelligence

Column ITSM Intelligence is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that integrates information from your BMC Remedy ITSM applications and custom applications built on BMC Remedy. It offers preconfigured content, self-service reporting and analytics, and robust, role-based security to help users quickly and easily gather the information they need to make better decisions.

Designed from the bottom up to support BMC Remedy ITSM, Column ITSM Intelligence uses embedded software from Jaspersoft to provide advanced business intelligence. With more than seven million downloads and 9,000 commercial customers in 96 countries, Jaspersoft is the world’s most widely used business intelligence solution. The 90,000 developers that support and update Jaspersoft’s software are the world's largest business intelligence community.

Datasheet: Jaspersoft BI for BMC Remedy ITSM

Operational Reporting

With Column ITSM Intelligence, you have a catalog of best practice, preconfigured, context-driven reports you can run directly from a BMC Remedy form. These web-based reports work well in both the BMC Remedy User tool and Mid-Tier, and you can export them to formats such as PDF, CSV, and XLS for offline viewing and printing.

Enterprise Reporting

Column ITSM Intelligence offers on-demand report access from a user-friendly, central web portal. A host of cost and timesaving automation options include the ability to schedule reports and automatically distribute them to the Web, e-mail messages, and file systems.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Managers and analysts no longer need to reply on a report developer or understand Crystal Reports, SQL, or the complex BMC Remedy database to create reports. Instead, they have an intuitive drag-and-drop authoring interface where they select from a familiar list of fields and best practice, preconfigured key performance indicators.


A full catalog of preconfigured best practice dashboards helps you find important trends or anomalies without continually asking for information or sifting through reports. Each dashboard can show key performance indicators from many processes on a single screen and supports drill-down to summary reports, detail reports, and active tickets in the BMC Remedy Mid-Tier for added information and context.

Reports, Metrics, Dashboards, and Functions

Column ITSM Intelligence provides preconfigured reports, metrics, dashboards, and functions for BMC Remedy ITSM Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management, and Service Level Management.

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