JasperReports Server

This comprehensive 1-day course enables technical personnel to fully utilize the JasperReports Server tools. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and use-case scenarios, participants will become proficient with Jaspersoft v6.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:

  • Create and use dashboards
  • Create and use complex domains
  • Summarize the basic concepts of a data warehouse and data analysis
  • Create Ad Hoc topic using Jaspersoft Studio
  • Localize and secure domains
  • Create and use simple domains
  • Use and customize input controls

Recommended Skills

  • Business user experience with JasperReports Server Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards
    - Take the free Using Jaspersoft BI course through the Online Learning Portal
  • Some familiarity with an object oriented programming language, preferable Java
  • Relational database/SQL knowledge
  • Some familiarity with editing XML and HTML files
  • Please see our recommended third-party courses

Course Details

  • Course type: Live Online
  • Editions: All Editions
  • Audience: Report developers, data analysts, data architects, system architects, and software developers
  • Version(s): Version 6
  • Duration: One day; live online or classroom

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