Built on the service we deliver


Column Technologies has a long history of successfully delivering services solutions with over 5,000 IT management solution implementations for Remedy and BMC ITSM. Column's IT Management solutions align to your business goals while enabling you to improve the performance of not only the IT organization but the business as a whole.

Our reputation and capability is built on the service we deliver. We are committed to helping you identify and deliver performance benefits and will ensure we both measure the value of that success:

Reduce Costs

Ensure you get the most out of every person, asset, project and activity

Increase Business Support

Enable you to map IT investments and operational decisions to business priorities

Improve The Quality Of Service

Implement solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of the business

Manage Risk

Provide a clear understanding of your services and infrastructure you are better able to define and control risk

Provide Transperency

Deliver solutions that track what is going on in your organization and share that with stakeholders when they need it, in a format they understand

Our methodology is firmly rooted in the principle that process drives technology. We start our engagements with process workshops aimed at understanding best practice processes and making decisions on those elements of the process that are open for possible design modification. These workshops will go through the tool step by step and field by field to make sure everything is covered. All these configurations (or customizations if needed) will be documented in a Functional Requirements Overview and reviewed with the customer. Following this, a detailed set of Functional Requirements will be created along with a detailed Statement of Work.

Column believes any solid implementation is rooted in a fair and appropriate balance of process, technology and organizational readiness.

One example of such an implementation was with an organization that had purchased the ITSM suite of tools and enlisted us to help them with defining their processes prior to tools implementation. Based on our consultant’s field experience and knowledge of the ITIL framework and the knowledge of the ITSM Suite of tools we were able to guide the organization to the appropriate adherence to the “right” process decisions. With this unique insight into process to tools capabilities, we were able to save the customer from making process decisions in a vacuum without regard to the cost of this particular process “requirement”. We know what parts of a process are open for discussion and modification, which parts of a process are likely to be very costly to implement and maintain, and which parts of the process reside in the gray-area.

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