Embedding with Visualize.js

This course introduces Web developers to the Visualize JavaScript library for embedding JasperReports Server interactive tables and charts into Web applications. Through a combination of lecture, hands-on exercises, and use case scenarios, participants gain an understanding of the Visualize JavaScript library. All labs in this course are conducted in our virtual training environment pre-configured with JasperReports Server Professional Edition and an Apache Web Server.

Course Objectives

This course enables you to add JavaScript code to your application Web pages in order to:

  • Initialize the Visualize library
  • Rerun reports with different parameters
  • Coordinate updates across multiple Document Object Model (DOM) elements triggered by report events
  • Create and modify themes to rebrand the JasperReports server
  • Authenticate your application to the JasperReports Server
  • Render individual pages of a report
  • Utilize effective Visualize coding patterns
  • Render interactive tables, crosstabs, and charts in your Web application
  • Retrieve a report's input controls and link metadata as JSON objects
  • Access the JasperReports Server using REST Web services

Recommended Skills


  • Experience with navigating the JasperReports Server repository and viewing interactive reports with tables and charts
  • Client-side Web programming using modern JavaScript


  • Building reports using Jaspersoft Studio
  • Using one or more JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and Underscore to select, traverse, and manipulate DOM elements
  • Passing JavaScript functions as arguments and creating closures

Course Details

  • Course type: Live Online
  • Editions: Professional Edition
  • Audience: Web developers
  • Version(s): Version 5.6
  • Duration: Two half days: Live Online

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