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Today’s high-velocity, software enabled business environment demands IT to deliver faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market. Enterprises cannot afford to engage in large and lengthy software development life cycles. Breaking down silos within the business and improving inefficient practices and error-prone manual processes will help to enable IT departments deliver fast enough for the pace of the business. Enter DevOps.

DevOps emphasizes the collaboration of both software developers and other IT professionals—who have traditionally worked in self-contained units, and often in ways that not aligned—while automating the software delivery process. To keep their competitive edge, organizations need to take such a continuous delivery approach. Automation and monitoring technologies can further DevOps and continuous delivery goals.

Automate key devOps principles

Column partners with innovative solution providers who empower a DevOps approach - companies built from the ground up for today's technologies - to offer you a lower SW cost, less instrumentation and a faster ROI.


Automate the configuration and ongoing management of system and the software running on them.

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Ship early and often and ship great products with software to plan, collaborate, code and service.

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Enable your IT organizations to provide Data as a Service to developers and analysts on premise or in the cloud.

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Manage and monitor complex applications and optimize business and IT outcomes with real-time insights.

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Build, run and secure your modern apps with machine data analytics.

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Software testing and QA tools helping companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency and collaboration during the testing lifecycle.


Docker is the company driving the container movement and the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud.

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Our expert services ensure our clients are not only maximizing their technology investments but also achieving high performance through streamlined practices, continuous delivery, automated quality processes, and integrated teams.
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Thanks to our partners QASymphony and Atlassian for hosting a DevOps roundtable with us. Read the summary blog here.

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