Developing Reports with Jaspersoft Studio

This comprehensive course enables software and report developers to develop reports using Jaspersoft Studio through a combination of lecture, demos, and hands-on exercises, and includes the use of the Jaspersoft training environment.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:

  • Describe the report development workflow
  • Create projects to manage the report development process
  • Define variables to compute derived values
  • Include subreports
  • Preview and export reports
  • Deploy reports to a JasperReports Server
  • Navigate Jaspersoft Studio panels and views
  • Add palette elements to a report
  • Define groups to design data-driven report appearance
  • Apply styles and fonts
  • Internationalize reports
  • Configure data adapters to access data sources
  • Utilize expressions and built-in functions to format reports with transformed data
  • Add tables and crosstabs
  • Add HTML5 charts to a report
  • Configure a connection to a JasperReports Server

Recommended Skills

While experience with the following technologies can help a person absorb some of the material, many students find success with no background. At no time during this course do we edit Java code or write lengthy SQL queries by hand.

Java programming experience and knowledge of SQL and database concepts

Course Details

  • Course type: Live Online
  • Editions: Professional Edition
  • Audience: Report developers, data analysts, data architects, system architects, and software developers.
  • Version(s): Version 6.0
  • Duration: Two days: Live Online
  • Learning Credits: 9 credits per participant

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