A single solution to ensure safety for
all privileged accounts


Privileged Account Security:

Privileged accounts are one of the largest vulnerabilities an organization must secure. If a privileged account was compromised, an organization’s private data, operations, and security could be controlled and utilized by a potential attacker. Organizations must be aware of these possibilities and seek out solutions that will help prepare for, protect against, and respond to cyber-attacks against their business.

CyberArk is leading the market in securing enterprises against cyber-attacks. Their Privileged Account Security Solution is a powerful, modular technology platform that gives you the ability to structure your security solution so as to best fit your business. The individual products can be managed independently or combined to give you the most complete solution for systems, applications, network devices, and databases. The solution can be implemented for on-premise, hybrid cloud, and OT/SCADA environments.

Product List:

  • Enterprise Password Vault® guards privileged passwords and manages who can access specific passwords.
  • SSH Key Manager™ secures and controls access to SSH keys according to policy to prevent unauthorized users from accessing privileged accounts.
  • Privileged Session Manager® monitors user access for Unix, Linux, and Windows-based systems, databases, and virtual machines.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics analyzes user behavior to allow incident response teams to respond and address attacks quickly and efficiently.
  • Application Identity Manager removes locally stored SSH keys and hard-coded passwords to increase security, all without any impact on performance.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager allows transparency into the commands super-users run depending on their role and task.

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