Control-M Workload automation
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Control-M Workload Automation

Unmatched application workflow automation

BMC delivers the workload automation solution that provides unmatched application workflow automation. Lowering operating costs and increasing application deployment speeds are two major benefits delivered with BMC Control-M Workload Automation. Control-M supports high availability, enhanced analytics, and high-speed application deployment through automated job promotion from development to test to production.

Automate. Collaborate. Accelerate.

With Control-M, automating the batch workload lifecycle is easier and more efficient than ever before. BMC Control-M Workload Automation enables IT to build, change, schedule, and monitor complex batch services—all from one powerful interface.

  • Reduce the cost of workload automation by up to 25% or more and save up to 50% administration time with the global calendar.
  • Implement applications as much as 80% faster by automating the “create and change” process.
  • Improve service delivery with predictive analytics that help address problems before they affect the business.
  • Make life easier for business users and lower service desk costs by offering a self-service view.

Simple, unified batch workload management

Schedule and manage every platform and any application from a single point of control.

Unified view of the enterprise

Manage all workflows—regardless of platform, database, or application—through a simple, modern interface.

Reduce business risk

Predictive analytics and trending help identify problems before they impact the business.

Simplify change requests

Build and maintain batch jobs and workflows with drag-and-drop ease, even with multiple stakeholders.

Self-service for business users

Keep non-IT personnel informed and engaged with a self-service mobile app tailored to their needs.

Comprehensive auditing and assured compliance

Track, archive, and report on all activity so you always know which actions were taken and who is responsible.

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