Ready-built, BMC Software Integrations to Maximize your Technology Investment

With more than 14 years as a BMC Software dedicated solution partner, Column Technologies has built an array of integrations to both maximize your technology performance and help reduce your total cost of ownership. The following comprises our most popular BMC Software integrations, however, these are not exclusive. If there is an integration not listed below, please contact one of our integration specialists to get more information and discuss your requirements further.

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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authentication

Authenticate BMC Remedy users against Active Directory (AD), Novell eDirectory, or other LDAP data sources-with or without SSL.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Retain successful authentication for users authenticated against the domain in earlier sessions, and possibly against other (non-Remedy) applications on the domain. SSO can be implemented for the BMC Remedy Mid Tier (thin client), BMC Analytics and for third-party sources such as Kinetic products like Kinetic Request.

Email Integration

Create Remedy incidents and add work information to all ITSM request types with email integrations. Expanded functionality allows you to create other ITSM request types, update fields on ITSM requests, and interact with the Remedy Approval Engine to approve or reject requests. This integration is also applicable for the Case Management Application.

Web-Service Integration

Custom built and published Remedy web services allow third party applications to pass information into BMC Remedy and allow for:
  • Monitoring tools (NetCool, Tivoli, Qualys, xMatters, SCOM, Solar Winds etc.) to automatically create Remedy incidents when alerts, threats, or vulnerabilities are detected
  • Bi-directional "eBonding" implementations to integrate with third-party ticketing systems (SAP, HP Service Desk, etc.)
  • Third-party applications to query and retrieve data from BMC Remedy

People Data Synchronization

Load, manage, and/or maintain BMC Remedy people data through an external data source, providing a number of functionality and benefits, including:
  • Creation of new people records
  • Synchronization of fields for existing people records, including profile status
  • Data validation with user-friendly error and warning messages
  • Configurable data translation for BMC Remedy field requirements

Foundation Data Synchronization

Synchronize foundation data (such as organization/department or site data) from third-party sources.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Integration

Pull data from third-party data sources to create Physical CIs, Logical CIs, and create relationships between Cis, via the BMC Atrium Integration Engine (AIE) or Atrium Integrator. Normalization and reconciliation activities can be set up to validate and/or create product catalog entries and promote CIs to the production data set.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Import

Import data from third-party data sources to create CIs and relationships similar to CMDB integrations, but often completed using the BMC Import Tool.

Database Integration

Pull or display data from a third-party database through a federated approach without pulling/storing redundant data in BMC Remedy.

CTI/TAPI Screen Pop Integration

Auto-populate specified information in the ITSM form when accessed via the Remedy User Tool (thick client) or BMC Remedy Mid Tier (thin client).

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