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Compliance Manager

Ensure compliance while reducing costs, risks and worry.

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager automates access certifications, policy management, and audit reporting through a unified governance framework. This allows you to streamline compliance processes and improve the effectiveness of identity governance—all while lowering costs.

Access Certifications

IdentityIQ Access Certifications centralize and transform technical identity data across resources into rich, business relevant information that makes it easy for business users to understand what they are certifying.

  • Offers a repeatable access review and validation process with tracking and reporting that ensures user access privileges match their corresponding job functions
  • Supports periodic, event-triggered, and continuous certification options
  • Streamlines certification activities by proactively focusing on high-risk users and systems

Policy Management

Policy Management offers comprehensive access policy enforcement to enhance organizational security, lower risk, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Leverages the IdentityIQ policy model to validate users' roles and entitlements against a broad range of policy types (e.g., Separation-of-Duty)
  • Proactively identifies violations and routes them for review or immediately revokes violating access
  • Incorporates violation status into identity risk scores, reporting, analytics and compliance dashboards

Audit Reporting and Analytics

IdentityIQ offers a robust set of audit reporting and analytics tools that provide insight into the effectiveness of compliance controls across enterprise and cloud-based applications.

  • Demonstrates compliance with pre-defined reports and powerful charting that measure organizational compliance controls—including certification status, policy violations, remediation activity, and risk metrics
  • Empowers advanced compliance analytics that allow for direct, customized queries along with integration to third-party reporting and GRC tools
  • Delivers rich, personalized dashboards with at-a-glance charts, graphs and summaries for rapid insight into compliance and governance processes across the enterprise

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