Column Customer Service Support

Manage the full customer lifecycle with one integrated solution.

At a time when business is more competitive than ever, your success depends on increasing your customer base and offering outstanding customer experiences. Customers today demand responsiveness, accuracy and a more personal approach to support services.

Column Customer Service Support (CSS) integrates a robust, powerful workflow engine to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes so you can easily document customer interactions, present proactive solutions, and use performance indicators to improve customer satisfaction.

Our team works with your organization to ensure our solution embraces your business strategy and takes into account all client-facing departments and beyond giving you a competitive advantage and ensuring customer loyalty.

Dynamic Customer Service Support

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Using a simple web interface, customers can submit, update, and track support requests as well as view information from your support agents.
  • Comply with Service Levels
    A service level management engine ensures you meet agreed-to service levels, proactively escalate requests and capture Service Level Agreement metrics.
  • Improve Response
    A highly-usable support interface helps your support agents to quickly locate essential information and improve customer service response time.
  • Enhance Metrics and Reporting
    Get feedback on the support you’re providing and what your customers are demanding with key metrics and performance indicators on a single screen.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimize each part of the customer lifecycle, from lead creation to customer support
  • Efficiently manage accounts, opportunities, contacts, and system
  • Quickly and easily view your performance with powerful service-level metrics and reporting
  • Increase efficiency by automating activities
  • Improve customer service performance with self-service knowledgebase and FAQ
  • Protect sensitive information and processes with a variety of flexible security controls

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