Tracks data changes to any field, on any form

Column Audit Manager

Built for BMC Remedy, Column Audit Manager tracks data changes to any field, on any form and views how long the field was in a particular value. The duration can be calculated in business hours or 24 hour clock.

Column Audit Manager also creates audits without the need for workflow development or form modification. Instead, Column Audit Manager utilizes a web based user friendly, data driven console. This console creates and removes audits for any field, on any form with ease.

Column Audit Manager is optimized for performance. Column Audit Manager utilizes data segregation and indexing to handle forms with millions of records.

This Product Provides:

  • Easy to read audit information
  • Total Time Reporting to show how long a record took to close in business hours minus pending times
  • Pending Time Reporting to show how long a record was in a pending value
  • Export capabilities to a variety of formats
  • Integration capabilities to BMC’s Remedy Applications®
  • Auditing against join forms to combine audits into one report (Works great with CMDB!)

With Column Column Audit Manager, you will:

Create audits using a simple web console

Provide accountability for user’s data changes

Streamline status changes, approvals, categorizations and assignments

Lower SLA times by finding inefficiencies in how a record was handled

Track the different Status and Assignment changes and track how long they were in each value

Extend your existing reports by joining with audit data

Discuss how Column Audit Manager can ensure you meet audit and compliance requirements.