End-to-End Continuous Software Delivery System






What Is CloudBees

CloudBees Core

  • Security & Compliance: A rigorous authorization Strategy prevents misuse of credentials and Resources
  • Flexibility: Cloud Bees’ CI/CD model offers solutions For your application, whether it is in the cloud or on- prem
  • Scale: Encourage collaboration amongst the teams in your organization utilizing best practices
  • Deployment Options: On-prem, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Azure Container Service, Google Kubernetes Engine - 11pt Regular Myriad Pro

CloudBees CodeShip

  • Immediate Start Instantly start your CI/CD process. No wait time and faster build times
  • Take Charge: Enable developers to handle the Delivery pipelines
  • Flexibility: A workflow that is tailored to team needs and processes

CloudBees DevOptics

  • Performance Metrics: Up-to-the-minute Notifications of CI/CD platform
  • Leverage: Leverage data as a tool for future best practices and measurements for insights into optimal software process delivery

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