Column Case Management

How do you drive process in order to achieve standardization and best practices?

From complex workflow to simple, highly repetitive transactions, Column Case Management helps you automate
and optimize your processes from start to end.

Powerful technology. proven expertise. successful outcomes.

Addressing case management through a combination of core business process management features while providing best practices in vertical markets through efficiency modules.

Simplify your case work.

  • Maximize operations efficiency and effectiveness
  • Automate and standardize business processes
  • Uncover date through dashboards and analytics
  • Mitigate risk by centralizing data
  • Reinvest savings into strategic initiatives
  • Improve information access

The power is in our core.

Column Case Management's power resides in its
core functionality, while efficiency modules address
specific BPM or vertical industry needs.

Core functionality

  • SLA’s
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Automation
  • Knowledge management
  • Task management
  • Documentation Library
  • Unlimited Integration Capabilities
  • eForms
  • Notifications Management
  • E-mail Processing and Integration
  • Data Permissions Model
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Individual Record Locking
  • Multi-level Approvals
  • Self Service
  • Audit Control

Efficiency modules

  • Data Visualization
  • Chat
  • Structured Search
  • Surveys
  • Solvability Matrix/Case Record Scoring

Highly customizable

No two organizations are exactly alike. This is why, looking at your improving your business process starts with understanding your goals and objectives to achieve a successful outcome.

"New technology solutions such as our case management system allow us to gain insight and continuously improve our
internal process with diligence and transparency."

-Karen R.H. Randolph,
Office of Inspector General City of Chicago

"The result has had a profound effect on the office's overall investigative process."

Office of the Ohio Inspector General, Annual Report

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