Align your IT capacity with business
demands for improved performance

BMC Capacity optimization

Capacity optimization and performance at its best

Intelligently align your IT capacity with business demands for improved long-term performance. Optimize capacity across all environments—physical, mainframe, virtual, and cloud.

  • Increase capacity visibility for your data center at the component, service, and business level.
  • Optimize resource allocation for all your key IT resources.
  • Increase productivity and reduce risk with automated and proactive capacity management.

Manage IT capacity to the fullest

Improve IT capacity use and performance across all resources and environments—physical, mainframe, virtual, and cloud. Gain full visibility into IT resource usage, allowing you to analyze, optimize, and forecast your capacity needs.

Comprehensive visibility

Manage IT capacity with full visibility at component, service, and business levels including compute, storage, databases, network, and other IT resources.

Cross-environment optimization

Proactively manage IT resources to prevent service disruptions and enable consistent delivery across physical, mainframe, virtual, and cloud environments.

Capacity planning

Predict your capacity saturation and future requirements with powerful analytics and reporting.

Efficiency tools

Increase IT staff productivity with automated analysis, forecasts, reports, and predictive alerts.

Take a closer look

  • Analyze resource use and align with business cycles.
  • Simulate business demand impacts to determine potential capacity needs.
  • Identify and predict saturation dates for improved performance and planning.
  • Create detailed charge-back reports to measure business usages.
  • Align resource use with business KPIs.

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