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BMC Remedy Performance Testing and Triage - BMC Software

Your organization has a BMC Remedy-based solution, but you aren’t sure if it will perform as you expect or if it can scale to meet your needs.

What's often overlooked is that performance is just one of three key drivers of an application’s return on investment (ROI). An efficient infrastructure is critical, and it’s important to optimize the application for your environment, user needs, and usage patterns. But you also need BMC Remedy performance testing to support the application’s efficient, effective use.

"IT is now a fundamental support of business activities – which means the greatest IT operations sins are an unpredictable user experience and a failure to reduce overall service delivery costs."

- Forrester Research

End-to-End BMC Remedy Performance Testing, Benchmarking, and Diagnostics

Column’s Testing Services Practice capitalizes on our worldwide experience in helping organizations use BMC Remedy. From infrastructure to the end-user experience, our BMC Remedy performance testing and triage services enable you to lower costs, improve performance, and promote continuous improvement.

Datasheet: BMC Remedy Performance Testing and Triage

Robust, Structured BMC Remedy Performance Testing

Using knowledge and experience from years of BMC Remedy engagements, our structured, yet iterative BMC Remedy performance testing measures the end-to-end user experience and identifies issues across operating systems, databases, applications, workflows, and networks. Our performance benchmarking offers insights into your solution’s health and establishes baselines.

A robust, structured approach to the end user experience and performance management early in the solution lifecycle helps business sponsors and those responsible for solution delivery. It assures business sponsors the solution offers an optimal end user experience, and it assures your IT department the solution will meet its performance goals.

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