Consistently and proactively
manage your performance

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Identify and resolve service problems faster

You need an IT solution that delivers consistent, high-quality service—not one that requires constant troubleshooting. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management is an integrated solution that finds and resolves performance issues before you or your customers even know there’s a problem.

Lower cost and complexity with a simplified toolset.

Increase service availability by finding and fixing problems early.

Solve problems faster with probable cause analysis.

Boost efficiency by automating manual tasks.

See how Proactive Operations helps deliver seamless IT

The BMC Proactive Operations platform helps IT organizations avoid outages by detecting and solving problems before they affect users.

A unified solution for IT performance

Why settle for anything less than a high-performance, end-to-end solution? Proactive Performance Management combines performance, availability, and event and impact management across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Integrated Platform

Streamline performance management with a consolidated platform for physical and virtual environments.

Self-Learning Analytics

Discover behavioral and performance trends for applications and components.

Automated Diagnostics

Monitor application transactions associated with end-user requests.

Real-Time Root Cause Analytics

Isolate, prioritize, and fix problems where they start.

Degraded Performance Mapping

Measure the real-time performance of business applications to pinpoint degradation issues.

Business-Driven Desicions

Prioritize IT operations actions based on key performance indicators, service level objectives, and end-user response times.

Automated Processes And Workflows

Improve productivity and minimize risk by automating routine administrative tasks.

Take a closer look

  • Prioritize events based on what’s best for the business.
  • Increase service quality and availability with an early warning system.
  • Automate triage and remediation workflows and actions.
  • Automate cross-IT workflows and processes across BMC and third-party solutions.
  • Understand infrastructure behavior with baseline technology.
  • Cut costs and simplify IT with the single application performance view.
  • Map, monitor, and track relationships and behavior across all environments.

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