Drive agility, ensure compliance and manage complexity

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Fast. Built to last.

From simple use cases to complex workloads, create a flexible cloud infrastructure that integrates key IT processes and cuts service delivery cost by 30% or more.

Get fast time to value with a hybrid cloud that can be up and running with pre-built services in less than a week.

Avoid vendor lock-in and maintain choice across infrastructure and private and public cloud platforms.

Easily design and deliver complex multi-tier cloud services to meet business needs.

Integrate with enterprise IT management tools and processes to ensure compliance.

Industrial-strength hybrid cloud management

Quickly deploy simple use cases and scale to production-grade hybrid cloud management

Next Generation Service Designer

Easily design, deliver, and manage complete business services.


Rapidly configure new platforms and new users.

Public Cloud Governance

Manage the performance, compliance, and change management of services provisioned from the Amazon Web Services™ and Microsoft® Azure public clouds.

Platform Nutrality

Use a broad range of underlying infrastructures in your cloud environment.


Scale cloud resources automatically based on user-defined service performance requirements.

Compliance Management

Automate compliance to regulatory and security policies, and ensure ongoing configuration and patching.

Take a closer look

  • Improve flexibility and scalability with drag-and-drop service design.
  • Drive intelligent service placement in your cloud environment with a service governor.
  • Optimize resource usage with integrated capacity management.
  • Integrate with existing IT service management tools and support ITIL concepts.


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