When it comes to technology adoption, enterprises typically fall behind the curve. Why? Because most large companies have established tried-and-true business processes to handle any IT concerns and often balk at the potential complexity of new innovations. However, four key areas: The digital workplace, 360-degree view, value-added services and automation leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) now demand enterprise attention. Here's a quick look at each:

Fifteen years ago, consumers and IT pros had little in common. The devices made by tech giants and owned by average users bore little resemblance to the high-performance gear designed by vertically integrated vendors leveraged by IT staffers. The rise of technologies such as enhanced cellular networks, powerful mobile devices and cloud computing, however, set the stage for a revolution: Devices could be made to serve both needs — and more cheaply — than designing for IT pros alone.

You can save your business time and money through automation of business processes. When you are handling investigations, there are three case management solutions that will give your business process increased efficiency and profitability: