Welcome to 2016! Although our blog is now more than five years old, this last year we strived to bring you a greater amount of thought leadership and share a multitude of practical tips on how to leverage technology to improve performance within your organization. With the rise and prevalence of data hacks in 2015, it’s no surprise we had a number of posts this past year covering information security. Cloud computing and digital service management also made headlines in 2015 with the broad shift toward consumerization and digitization. As such, they were both covered in our blog as well. Here’s a look back at the most read blogs of 2015:

And the beat hacking goes on…

The end of a year brings reflection, as well as a chance to pause and look at our state of security and our growing lack of safety confidence.

Let’s look back at the top hacks of 2015

Big Data: From Understanding to Usability

Everyone is talking about big data. Some technology experts call it the “new oil,” the most valuable resource a business owns. Others see it as a stumbling block if companies can't find ways to analyze and then capitalize on this information. For many businesses, however, big data is little more than a confusing buzzword — what exactly is big data, and what's the big deal for your company?