Different Approach, Same Mission: The DevOps vs. DevSecOps Breakdown

DevSecOps is now driving a fundamental shift in IT culture — recent survey data found that of the top three elements of DevSecOps, 43% of the respondents included involving DevOps in security processes in this list.

DevOps comes with big potential — if companies can effectively implement both talent and toolchains. Consider that 60 percent of hiring managers need to fill DevOps positions, and companies that successfully navigate the merger of development and operations realize more rapid software deployments (46x), improved recovery times (9 x) and faster lead time (440x).

Digital Services: Finding Value In A Tech-First World

Consumer expectations are on the rise. Users accustomed to 4G speeds when loading web pages won’t settle for double or triple the time on PCs, and customers expect mobile applications to offer the same experience as desktop-based versions. A reskin of existing content won’t fly with tech-savvy visitors.