Digital Services: Finding Value In A Tech-First World

Consumer expectations are on the rise. Users accustomed to 4G speeds when loading web pages won’t settle for double or triple the time on PCs, and customers expect mobile applications to offer the same experience as desktop-based versions. A reskin of existing content won’t fly with tech-savvy visitors.

Big data comes with big hype — as noted by Healthcare IT News, it’s often associated with “images of sci-fi movies rather than real-world uses.” Companies are getting tired of claims that big data can magically cure cancer or suddenly turn ailing business models upside down. Beyond over-the-top claims and pragmatic naysayers, however, it’s possible to leverage key business benefits with big data. Here’s a look at the top five.

Executives support digital transformation. Chief information officers are spending 18 percent of their budgets to boost digital initiatives, and that’s expected to rise another 10 percent by 2018. It’s one thing to budget for digital transformation, however, and another to implement digital services. How do you deal with cultural shifts, manage security issues, and ensure employees have access to the tools and services they need? Here’s a look at how to meet the digital challenge head-on.