One Unified Platform: Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Analytics


AppDynamics empower today’s software-defined businesses with smart, adaptive tools to analyze and optimize digital
business performance—in real time, in production. It’s more than monitoring, it’s true Application Intelligence.
Here’s the reasons why Column Technologies partnered with AppDynamics and why hundreds of customers choose
AppDynamics to make smarter, more certain business decisions:

Proven in Production

  • Scale to support the most complex production environments
  • Dynamically discover application architecture and user flows
  • Automate the resolution of problems in production

Business Impact

  • Manage business performance in real time
  • Optimize development, operations and infrastructure resources
  • Transform application and operational insights into a competitive advantage


  • Choose your deployment model – SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Deploy in minutes, even in complex environments
  • Leverage a broad ecosystem of technology and services extensions

What is AppDynamics

Collecting data

  • Instrumentation: Watch every line of code.
  • Distributed transaction tracing: Follow the business transaction across all tiers of the application.
  • Transaction auto-learning engine: Inspect execution code, payload, libraries and methods.
  • Real-time service discovery: Map architecture topology and service dependencies.
  • Smart agents: Filter and transfer data to the management server.

Processing data

  • Real-time stream processing: Process complex metric and event streams.
  • Time series clustering and analytics: Index and manage time series by auto rolling up/purging/clustering.
  • Behavioral learning engine: Continuously adjust dynamic baselines.
  • Unstructured and structured big data indexing: Get a data warehouse for different types of application data
  • Event correlation: Correlate complex performance/change/business events

Acquiring knowledge

  • Intuitive UI: simple and easy to use for dev, ops and business users
  • Dynamic transaction flow maps: visual representation of the application topology
  • Multi-dimensional drill down: cross-correlated drill down from anywhere in the UI
  • Real-time business metrics (RTBM): real-time correlation of performance metrics and business metrics
  • Compare release: performance regression analysis for agile releases
  • Custom dashboards: drag-and-drop HTML5 dashboards
  • Query language: search language to enable data discovery

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