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About Column Technologies

Established in 1998, Column Technologies is a privately-held, global technology solutions provider. Headquartered in the United States, Column Technologies employs a diverse and talented team with more than 440 employees around the world with offices in Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

Our Areas of Business

IT Management

From mainframe to cloud to mobile, our IT management solutions enable customers to leverage technology into extraordinary business performance—increasing agility and exceeding expectations.

Case Management

From complex workflow to simple, highly repetitive transactions, Column Case Management helps you automate and optimize your processes from start to end.


Column partners with innovative solution providers who empower a DevOps approach - companies built from the ground up for today's technologies - to offer you a lower SW cost, less instrumentation and a faster ROI.

Business Intelligence

As digital consumption through the web and applications develop, so does the need for our clients to gain insight into the various facets of their evolving organizations. Simply put, we want you to completely access the power of your data.

Information Security

Our set of comprehensive solutions and services for the enterprise, public sector and government organizations ensure mitigation of risk. The bottom line: we keep your business secured.

Our Mission

Column’s mission is to exceed customer expectations while ensuring we provide unprecedented value to our partners and employees. Our unrivaled passion for technology allows us to meet our client’s objectives with success and measurable results through a combination of attributes:

Broad Competency and Solution Offerings

Our highly competent knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices combined with our solution offerings allow you to address end-to-end business challenges.

Innovators and Early Adopters Business Model

With such a dynamic and changing market, we know that we have to be adaptable and inventive. We are continuously monitoring and addressing business needs through technology that ensure your competitive advantage.

Exceptional Team

We believe in hiring the ‘best of the best’ talent focused on delivering solutions that address the ever changing technology needs in the industry.

Partner Ecosystem

We are not ‘everything to all’ but rather a very selective company that has built its partner ecosystem with leading solutions in the world. We believe in partnerships that offer the best and most innovative products to ensure our customers are prepared to address any information security challenges that come their way.

We want to be your technology partner. Go ahead, contact us today.