Incident Management

Case management solutions are applications designed to support complex processes that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow. Case Management solutions support the workflow, management collaboration, storage of images and content, decisions, and processing of electronic files or cases.

The Case for Case Management

Casework is complex and often does not involve a repeatable process. At times, each case will present a unique situation that involves complex interactions between content, people, business and regulatory policies to achieve an optimal outcome.

When the processes involve ‘variances’ within the process flow and require a specific set of outcomes and are dependent on these ‘variances’, a case management solution is the only solution.

Column Case Management brings core functionality to its solution and then expands to each vertical industry or specific BPM through its features to address specific needs. A case management feature may be integral to address a particular vertical market such as investigations. Whereas, customer service support involves other features to ensure organizations are met with the functionality required to deliver best class services.

Economies of Scale for Extending the Platform

With Column Case Management once you make the initial investment, it’s easy to deploy additional instances to address a particular subset of BPM or organizational need. For example, if you deploy a financial services solution and later on would like to add on contract management or vendor management, it’s not only a cost-effective strategy. By extending the platform, you are able to leverage technology, knowledge, resources and support.

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