Webinar Recording: Accurate Data is Key to Realizing CMDB Value & ROI

What’s the secret formula for CMDB Success? That’s the question we set out to answer on our webinar “Accurate Data is Key to Realizing CMDB Value & ROI.” If you missed it, no worries, we recorded it. You can access the webinar here (registration is required).

In planning for this discussion, we looked at the key components needed to both enrich IT service support processes and realize CMDB value and return on investment (ROI)…which led us to this calculation:

The Secret Formula for CMDB Success = One Part Technology + One Part Best Practices + Two Parts Accurate Data

We then invited industry experts to address each piece of the CMDB Value equation in the webinar. Here’s a recap of the key concepts covered:

Accurate Data — Dennis Drogseth, VP of Research at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and leading expert on Business Service Management (BSM) and CMDB Systems, was our guest speaker bringing 20+ years of experience on large-scale CMDB deployments to the conversation. Key take-aways included:

  • CMDB Metrics (Scope, Accuracy, Efficiency and Use Cases) are critical when trying to find a common ground between accurate data and showing value for CMDB deployments
  • The CMDB is a foundational investment and enabler for improved processes (back-end of IT); service delivery; and business enablement
  • All IT management processes—project management, release management, change or request, problem or incident—depend on current and accurate data
  • An ROI calculation will not provide an “absolute yardstick” of CMDB success
  • Accurate data alone does not guarantee CMDB success, but is both essential and invaluable in increasing confidence and accountability in your CMDB deployment

Best Practices — Column Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer David Savino focused on tactical challenges as seen in the field with Asset & CMDB consulting clients. He covered:

  • Factors found to drive CMDB justification adoption: service impact requirements; IT asset management objectives; license and contract management; compliance and standardization
  • Good guidelines to follow in determining CMDB wins
  • How to increase accuracy and confidence in CMDB data

Technology — Chris Schneider, Vice President of Technical Operations at Blazent introduced Blazent's new CMDB Accuracy Solution for BMC customers. Going through the solution, Chris showed how Blazent addresses some of the problems and key points as presented by Dennis and David made around CMDB in continuous improvement and audit needs around reconciliation and data quality.

Hope you have a chance to view the webinar playback. If you’re looking for more great content on this subject, Dennis Drogseth of EMA recently released a whitepaper How to Optimize CMDB/CMS Value with Good Metrics and Good Data. In this whitepaper, Dennis expands on how to achieve better CMDB return on investment, providing guidelines for planning effective metrics and calculating ROI. This whitepaper also shows examples of how customers use the CMDB accuracy solution developed by Blazent and Column Technologies to address critical CMDB and other related data management issues.