Keep your middleware layer
healthy and happy

TrueSight Middleware Management

Keep your middleware layer healthy and happy

The danger of having a complex middleware layer is that small problems might not come to your attention before they turn into big ones. Eliminate that danger with BMC TrueSight Middleware Management for monitoring, administration, and transaction tracing.

  • Gain a crystal-clear, real-time view of your entire middleware environment and its performance.
  • Receive detailed notifications whenever your middleware is negatively affecting business operations.
  • Perform common tasks on middleware objects without any platform-specific skills.
  • Manage multiple middleware platforms securely and remotely, from a central, browser-based interface.
  • Automatically correct common issues, taking the burden off of your IT staff.

Detect and correct potential problems immediately

Real-time monitoring combined with proactive notifications help you stay on top of potential problems. Transaction tracing allows you to rapidly identify exactly where a problem got its start.

Automate problem resolution

Define solutions to common problems and set the fixes to execute automatically, when circumstances arise. Automate comparisons for easy troubleshooting.

Be audit-ready

Automatically build detailed logs of all configurations changes, which will keep you audit-ready and in regulatory compliance. Store and compare historical performance data to identify trends as well as spot chronic issues.

Get up-to-the-minute insights

Enjoy a comprehensive, constantly updated view of your middleware infrastructure. Quickly determine the status of any middleware object, anywhere in your environment, without having to log into each host.

Map relationships between components

Automatically correlate all components of complex transactions, making it easy diagnose problems across distributed and mainframe systems.

Take a closer look

  • Provide an easy-to-use administrative interface accessible via web browser.
  • Keep your data secure, with fully customizable user roles and permissions.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership thanks to an agentless architecture.
  • Protect key applications from performance degradation.
  • Skip the costly process of manually correlating application transactions.

TrueSight Middleware Monitor

Real-time monitoring combined with proactive notifications about potential problems mean that you can rely on BMC TrueSight Middleware Monitoring to help you keep your middleware layer humming. In-depth reporting enables you to analyze historic data to identify trends and solve recurring problems. Use a single monitoring solution to support a wide array of messaging-oriented middleware technologies, as well as the Java Enterprise Edition environments.

This product is available either as a standalone or as part of TrueSight Operations Management.

TrueSight Middleware Administrator

Help your administrators, support teams, and application developers level up their middleware management practices. BMC TrueSight Middleware Administration provides a secure, intuitive interface your team can use to perform common tasks in IBM® WebSphere® MQ and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) environments. User roles and permissions can keep your staff working only in the areas they should, while the user-friendly interface provides tools for object creation as well as at-a-glance insights into the status of middleware objects.

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