TrueSight IT Data Analytics
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TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Smarter monitoring through data mining & analytics

TrueSight IT Data Analytics enables more efficient management of enterprise IT by using advanced analytics for:

  • Predictive monitoring
  • Rapid root cause analysis

Start mining data from your servers, network, and security appliances to find the nuggets of information that help you better manage your environment. TrueSight IT Data Analytics includes a fine-tuned analytics engine that processes and delivers real-time insight into mission critical data spanning every corner of your enterprise network.

With TrueSight IT Data Analytics you really can reduce your mean time to repair.

Don’t mask IT problems. Find and fix them.

Work smarter by using TrueSight IT Data Analytics to proactively identify and detect troublesome patterns on an ongoing basis and create alerts and reports to take action before your users are affected.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to configure everything to get value out of TrueSight IT Data Analytics. TrueSight IT Data Analytics comes with Content Packs which contain all the knowledge you need to get started.

Collect. Configure. Search.

You don’t have to define how to collect, configure and search all of your data in order to find the nuggets of valuable information. With application-specific dashboards and charts you can see the most important business KPIs – right out of the box. Collects data in any of three ways

  • IT Data Analytics agent
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management agent
  • Agentless

Ingest data from anywhere!

Use our out-of-the-box preconfigured content packs or build your own. Preconfigured content packs include common applications and operating environments such as:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Citrix
  • Oracle
  • VMware
  • And many more

Integrate event management and log and machine data for a holistic view of data center up time and resources. TrueSight IT Data Analytics enhances TrueSight Operations Management to deliver on the promise of end-to-end IT Operations Analytics.

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