Improve decision speed and
accuracy by up to 50%

TrueSight Intelligence

TrueSight Intelligence, a key component of digital service assurance, is a cloud-based digital analytics platform. It helps you discover, organize, and analyze high volumes of IT operations, service, and business data in real time.

Turn data into action

Automatic baselines and abnormality detection highlight acceptable behavior for any metric

Comprehensive search allows intuitive exploration of data

Big data-optimized architecture handles high-volume data streaming, leveraging Apache Storm, Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra

Open data collection pulls from nearly any source through lightweight agent, custom collectors or REST API

Easy configuration, installation, and deployment create fast-time to value with SaaS delivery model

Know the business impact of critical digital services

As a modern IT executive, you’re poised to reshape the role of your IT organization to power digital transformation across the enterprise. Imagine being able to predict a degradation in customer experience with a new mobile app when a regional marketing program hits its peak at the same time the network is undergoing maintenance or a security patch.

With TrueSight Intelligence you will:

  • Quickly understand the status and business impact of critical digital services
  • Easily correlate the IT infrastructure with an event that impacts revenue, cost, and risk
  • Use data-driven insights to take fast, accurate action

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