TrueSight App Visibility

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Go beyond mere monitoring

TrueSight App Visibility Manager goes beyond application performance monitoring to provide deep insight into your users' experience. In addition to tracking and measuring user activity at the individual or location level – on premises or off – it filters data to ensure you have the information you need to keep users happy and applications healthy, without the unnecessary noise.

As part of TrueSight Operations Management, events and devices are tied directly to the application. This increases the granularity of data available and makes that data easy to see and logical to locate based on the associated application.

Analyze multiple factors across user sessions to proactively identify errors before users are affected

Automatically pinpoint anomalies and isolate performance issues by user, network, or host time

Look at a single user, a specific transaction, or an entire customer group or location for diagnostics, capacity planning, change management, and service level management

Enable—and manage the impact of—emerging technologies virtualization and cloud-based services

Model applications in minutes

Application Context Views are a visual representation of the application and its health. Application Context Models automatically discover web-based applications via java or .net script injection. These agents provide the ability to quickly model applications without doing separate discovery and are not reliant upon the CMDB. These models can be built and ready to use in just 5 minutes. The models are purpose-built for IT operations – with infrastructure events attached to each Application Context View. For applications that are not web-based you can manually discover and build Application Context Views with an easy-to-use editor in TrueSight Operations Management 10.

Manage your business-critical apps

Deep application performance visibility

Pinpoint which users, transactions, and application calls are affected by changes and are impacting performance.

Proactive problem solving with application diagnostics

Get application diagnostics, deep-dive analytics, and robust reporting to enable faster issue resolution.

Transaction tracing

Efficiently isolate application problems, including failed transactions, at the level of individual lines of code and SQL statements.

Integrated monitoring on-premises or off

Manage cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid applications from a single interface.

Take a closer look

  • Automatically trend and baseline "normal" performance
  • Drill down into details to distinguish between general and intermittent slow downs
  • Improve mean-time-to-repair and availability by quickly pinpointing business-critical issues
  • Define priorities based on who is affected, where they are, and what is impacted
  • Support Java and .NET application servers and frameworks
  • Establish clear application performance measures before and after introducing a change
  • Enhance productivity with a single, integrated application performance console

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