Transform Your Data into Business-Relevant Information

Definitively speaking, data is an unorganized collection of facts, statistics or other information that can be used for reference or analysis. Most businesses collect data to facilitate making better business decisions. Some small and medium-sized businesses may be able to comb through their collected data manually, looking to collate pieces of data into an actionable piece of information. At an enterprise level, however, the sheer quantity of data collected throughout their systems tends to make manual review and collation prohibitively time-consuming. These organizations need an affordable and effective way to transform technical data into business-relevant information.

Identity Intelligence Software

One of the best solutions is to implement Identity Intelligence software. Identity Intelligence programs are specifically designed to help you transform all of the technical identity data that is scattered across your systems into a centralized hub of easily understood and business-relevant information. Additionally, you can reduce the cost and burden of compliance-related activities by using these programs. Let’s look at some other ways that these programs can benefit your company.

Create Smarter Reports

These programs sift through all of your data so that you don’t have to. Once sifted, you are presented with reports and analytics with real, business-relevant information rather than trying to work through your raw data. As you use these reports, you can perform better, faster audits, too.

Strengthen Your Security

When you use an Identity Intelligence program, you have increased visibility into any potential risk factors as well as the underlying root causes of those risks. By addressing these risks, you can strengthen the security of your system, allowing you to prevent fraud and misuse of access.

Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring

If all of your data can be accessed from a central dashboard, you have an increased ability to access and monitor it. This enhanced monitoring capability means that you can improve the effectiveness of your preventive and detective controls.

Stronger, Faster Collaboration

With the centralization of your company’s data, different departments are able to access the data they need. Additionally, members of the business, IT and audit departments can collaborate and communicate more effectively by accessing the same data and information.

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