The Journey of DevOps - Business Alignment

The Journey of DevOps — Business Alignment

DevOps is a highly exploited and very little understood concept in today’s world. For many, it’s still a myth and for others, it’s a journey! If you’re facing a DevOps journey, you should always have end goals in mind and all actions should ultimately transpire to help you reach those goals. As one of the key aspects, DevOps should help individuals and teams understand the business alignment of their infrastructure and/or applications. With so many options for deployment of infrastructure and applications, it is very easy to get lost in your own silo and lose the sight of the business outcome.

In the article DevOps in 2015 – Beyond Basic Metrics, originally published on The Code Project, author Jeffrey T. Fritz uses the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to help illustrate how development teams can work together with IT operations to drive a better product for customers. Fritz encourages developers and IT Administrators to collaborate in order to ensure that production web applications run smoothly.

Smooth and profitable operations are not concerns solely to development and operations, though. Fritz states that “to get a complete picture of your application, and you will want a holistic view of the entire application if it is mission critical to your organization, you must engage an application platform monitor.” For organizations who want to be—and stay—competitive as well as proactive in driving both top and bottom-line benefits, advanced metrics and analytics, need to be a tool for 2015.

AppDynamics offers an advanced system management tool that delivers analytics in real-time for both IT, DevOps teams and business owners so they can make the appropriate decisions needed to improve the business performance of applications. AppDynamics is a great solution for those looking for actionable insights into IT operations, customer experience, AND business outcomes. After all, the one thing that everybody needs to keep in mind on the journey of DevOps, is business alignment.



Dhaivat Upadhyay is a BSM Specialist at Column Technologies responsible for helping customers understand the value of Application Performance Management and Application Analytics and its use to increase the opportunities for revenue growth and improve end user satisfaction. Dhaivat also participates in industry leading discussions, forums and meetups around DevOps, APM, Data Center, IT Automation and Cloud.