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Column Technologies Named Top Dynamic Case Management Vendor

To assess the state of the Dynamic Case Management (DCM) market, Forrester identified, researched, analyzed, and scored the 14 most significant DCM software providers. In its evaluation, Forrester focused on case management vendors who met specific criteria including a demonstrated innovative approach to case management, and a platform defined by its applicability to case management use cases across investigative, incident management, and service requests.

With Forrester’s findings on how each vendor stacks up against one another, enterprise architects and IT decision makers have better insight on which case management solution will meet their unique needs.

The Forrester WaveTM: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 ’16 Report covers:

  • The 14 most significant Dynamic Case Management software vendors ranked and scored
  • The challenges of Case Management across service requests, incident management, and investigative use cases.
  • Key feature and functionality differentiators
  • Why Column Technologies is named one of the top Dynamic Case Management vendors

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The Forrester WaveTM: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 ’16

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Column Case Management sets the standard for secure, reliable, effective case management. Discover enterprise case management built with out-of-the-box, streamlined workflow to address specific vertical market processes and organizational requirements.