You can save your business time and money through automation of business processes. When you are handling investigations, there are three case management solutions that will give your business process increased efficiency and profitability:

Sony. Home Depot. J.P.Morgan. eBay. Target.

What do these five companies have in common? They were all victims of massive data breaches between December 2013 and November 2014. Over 440 million total records were compromised including proprietary information, employee details, credit card numbers, login credentials, physical addresses, and email addresses. In fact, according to Bloomberg, there have been over 75 data breaches reported with over 1,000,000 compromised records each since 2005. The breaches have affected such diverse industries as retail, financial, technology, government, and healthcare.

For law enforcement and internal affairs organizations, tracking become one of the most important methods to ensure accountability and increase the effectiveness of investigations.

Today, case management software has become a critical part of case handling in government and non-profit agencies.  There is no doubt that manual processes, file folders, and database silos have no place in today’s organizations.

The Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) within the US Department of State is building a shared services IT infrastructure for the other organizations within their bureau to utilize.