Staying Safe: How Identity Management, Privileged Access And Application Security Products Work

With data breaches on the rise, companies have real reason to worry about network compromise. Cybercriminals and other malicious actors are often tagged as the main culprits, but as noted by CBR Online, 70 percent of breached data can be traced to employees. In most cases, the problem stems from negligence or poor security management practices rather than ill intent, but the end result is the same: compromise. At Column Technologies, we believe the right identity and access management (IAM) tools are critical to help your company stay safe. Here's a look at three critical facets: ID management, privileged access and application security.

Identity Management

Who has access to specific sections of your network? More importantly can you track when, why and for how long users are logged in to applications or services? Identity management tools are designed to give you total control over user permission levels in addition to complete visibility when it comes to access and use — critical if you experience a data breach or are called upon to provide evidence of data compliance by federal or financial regulatory agencies.

Identity tools can also help mitigate threats through the use of automated access certifications and request provisioning in addition to password management, which not only prevents the use of low-quality passwords but regularly compels users to choose new passwords that meet specific criteria. Finally, identity intelligence tools help build a database of user behaviors to determine if specific actions are indicators of potential compromise — both accidental and deliberate.

Privileged Access

While managing end-user accounts and access is important, effective handling of privileged or “power” accounts is critical if companies want to avoid a breach. Typically, privileged accounts have access to the entirety of your network; in the hands of an attacker or compromised insider they could be used to disable security controls, steal confidential information, delete data or commit financial fraud. Critical to your IAM strategy, a robust privileged management tool lets you lock out access on demand if suspicious behavior is detected; in addition to revoking credentials on the spot so departing, high-level employees don't carry over access for weeks or months after they leave.

Application Security

Also known as “appsec,” effective management of applications on your network is critical to long-term security. Since a hack into a Web-based or local application can have far-reaching consequences — from the compromise of consumer data to complete network failure — it's essential to leverage tools that not only detect possible breaches but proactively scan applications for weak points hackers or employees could use to compromise your business. While it's possible to build appsec programs internally, many companies don't have the time or budget to fully address this security issue; third-party, cloud-based alternatives, meanwhile, provide not only the scope necessary but the resources required to effectively safeguard your applications.

Internal threats remain the biggest risk to corporate data. At Column Technologies, we've partnered with leading cybersecurity and IAM solution providers such as SailPoint to deliver streamlined, secure and successful control of security environments to minimize your risk and maximize business growth.