Reinventing ITSM through Digitalization

Column Technologies was fortunate enough to attend the recent itSMF USA Chicago LIG event at Fermilab, where guest speaker Sean Hinton of BMC Software spoke about the growing need to reinvent IT Service Management (ITSM) through digitalization. Sean opened with an interesting slide: a picture of thousands of people at the Vatican during the 2005 announcement of Pope Benedict XVI. He asked us: what stands out from this photo? The answer: everyone was using cameras and video camcorders to capture the moment. Fast forward just eight years later, the next slide depicted the Vatican crowd in 2013 for the announcement of Pope Francis, where the picture was dominated by thousands of mobile devices—everyone had a smartphone. This demonstrates the mobile mind shift and evolution of the move towards digital. Gone are the days of video camcorders, basic cell phones and bulky computers. Consumers and employees today want instant access from a consolidated, easy to use, modern and mobile platform.

BMC Software recognizes this developing shift, where the next generation workforce expects business technology to match the consumer experiences they have at home. The expectation now is that the technology you use Sunday night at home is the same as the technology you use when you arrive at the office for work Monday morning. However, Monday morning technology is not like Sunday night technology. The reality is that help desk and ERP software apps have not changed. 59% of people say IT is too slow, 50% say IT is too difficult to reach, and 45% say they don’t get the right answers to their IT problems. For IT to be effective and stay relevant, they need to adopt Sunday night concepts...they need to revolutionize the experience. That’s just what BMC Software is doing.

Next Generation Self-Service

BMC Software is changing their mindset to provide a different, positive experience for the user while bridging the gap between Sunday night and Monday morning technology. This starts with next generation self-service, which includes:

  • Anywhere IT – There needs to be universal availability so the platform can be accessed at anytime and supported from anywhere
  • Formless IT – People don’t like forms. IT needs to take a step away from the classic service approach, and think about offering service requests from a text post instead
  • Crowd Sourced IT – Take advantage of knowledge sharing so that anyone can add or update a resource
  • Context aware IT – Smart IT automatically displays relevant, related content as you type.
  • One Stop Shop – One portal for all requests helps add simplicity and makes a more user-friendly experience
  • Social IT - Build engaged teams with embedded social and collaboration capabilities
  • Concierge Style IT - Think Apple Genius Bar: smart, personalized, and high quality service

All of these themes are important for end users in addressing digital ITSM, but what about IT teams?

Reinventing the Help Desk

Organizations still need a platform that not only meets compliance requirements and supports ITIL process, but does so in a way that IT has the Sunday night experience. Enter BMC Remedy 9. Hailed as “Intelligent, Beautiful, and Mobile,” BMC Remedy 9 is about being relevant, putting the right data in the hands of the customer and solving problems faster. The new version represents a new approach from BMC Software to understand users, identify and solve customer problems and focus on the experience. IT has complex problems and BMC Remedy 9 will give IT the ability to help manage these complexities in the most efficient and simple way. IT can then drive down cost of service, support the business better and enable the business to move forward.

With the rise of IT consumerization and new expectations regarding users’ technology experiences at work, IT needs to deliver services aimed at driving efficiencies focused on experiences in order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. As this new version of BMC Remedy is adopted more and more, it’ll be interesting to see how this superior digital ITSM solution reinvents IT service management.