Overcoming IT Project Management Challenges

IT projects don't happen in a vacuum. Technology professionals are no longer left to their own devices outside the purview of ROI expectations and line-of-business objectives. Now, IT projects are an integral part of organizational strategy. The problem? It's easy for IT project management to get off track when local admins are also tasked with both handling in-house IT troubleshooting and end-user satisfaction. At Column Technologies, we've developed a unique set of project management (PM) services to help your company stay on task, on time and on budget. Here's how it works.

Project Initiation

A great project starts with a solid foundation. That's why our PM services begin with a critical initiation phase — we connect with your IT team, C-suite and critical stakeholders to create accurate, achievable objectives backed by reasonable expectations. Our goal? To set the bar high while ensuring that all project needs are met and no objectives go unfulfilled as we move from the idea phase through management, milestones and finally, completion. Bottom line? We're not satisfied until you are, and until project goals meet your approval.

Full-Spectrum Management

Next in our IT management toolbox is management and coordination of all project activities. This includes testing cycles, environment migrations and product support activities — in short, nothing is outside our purview. Here, our goal is to take on any management responsibilities that empower your IT team to tackle critical aspects of the project. Why? Because at Column Technologies we understand that with limited time and resources it's often not possible for IT teams to dedicate themselves fully to even mission-critical projects; for example, it's easy to miss stakeholder reports or overshoot deadlines, in turn causing costly delays. Our full-spectrum management service gives your team the ability to work on their terms and their timeline while we take care of everything else.

Milestones and Risks

Many IT projects come with an aggressive set of milestones — the C-suite needed this project done yesterday and wants every effort made to complete critical tasks as fast as possible. Our PM services are designed to protect existing milestones by ensuring your IT team always has critical resources and manpower on hand, and by proactively addressing project issues and risks. Consider the development of ITSM software engagements; these multi-layer projects can have far-reaching impacts on business infrastructure. If emerging risks aren't addressed, the results can range from missed milestones to total project derailment.

Directional Oversight

What's the long view of your current project? Do you have a plan in place to handle the review and approval of deliverables, while also balancing the use of staff and resources? For many companies, the long-term task of project management can wear on executives and admins alike; our PM service takes full responsibility for overall project direction along with staff and resource management — freeing local IT to pursue other critical tasks once the startup phase of your project has passed.

With highly skilled, ITSM-trained PMs, Column Technologies has the expertise and experience necessary to elevate your projects and ensure their success. With more than 1000 software engagements completed to date, we're able to function as an extension of your own IT team — delivering reports, risk-analysis and, ultimately, results — to ensure your projects stay on track and exceed stakeholder expectations.