New Version of Remedy Now Available!

BMC Software has announced the release of Remedy Version 9.0. Being hailed as smart, beautiful, and even more powerful, the new version represents a new approach from BMC to understand users, identify and solve customer problems and focus on the experience. IT has complex problems. Remedy 9 will give IT that ability to help manage this complexity in the most efficient and simplest way. 

What’s new in Remedy Version 9.0? 

Power of the Platform

BMC Remedy is known for its scalability and flexibility. The new capabilities in 9.0, making the platform even more powerful, include: 100% Java within the server itself; easier, non-invasive upgrading; a RESTful API for better integrations; updated archive that helps remove complexity; updated underlying search technology for better performing, more resilient search; quicker moving of changes (data and code) across environments; and, smart CMDB enhancements.

  • RESTful API for the Integrations

The REST API is a simple stateless architecture that runs over the HTTP. The AR System server uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format to transmit data between a server and a web application. The advantage of REST is having a limited number of operations for the interactions between clients and services. 

The API is a web service that conforms to the architectural principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). Each API is called by issuing a standard HTTP request method: POST, GET, PUT, or DELETE (more commonly known as the CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update, and Delete).

The client creates new entries by issuing POST requests. The details of an individual entry or list of entries is retrieved using a GET request. The client issues PUT requests to modify an entry object. When an entry object is no longer needed, the client issues a DELETE request to remove the entry.

  • Robust Application Archive Mechanism

The new Remedy 9.0 release includes an archiving solution, ready to implement out-of-the-box, to help maintain system performance and comply with record retention policies by providing a way to remove obsolete records from your production database using a regular, controlled, and predictable process. 

The archiving process helps you to achieve these goals by moving qualified transactional data records from the related production data forms (including certain associated forms) to a set of corresponding archiving forms (all within the same database). The archive process also provides you with an exporting mechanism that you can use to remove archived records from the archive forms when they have passed their retention date.

Archiving runs on its own thread of execution to help preserve overall system performance. It also employs "chunking" when fetching qualified records (that is, it fetches records in batches, rather than all at once) to ensure that the thread won't die when processing large volumes of records. 

The implementation of dedicated thread processing along with an archive schedule (a single schedule for the entire archiving run, as opposed to scheduling archiving by individual form) also ensures that that you do not have multiple overlapping archiving processes attempting to run at the same time.

  • Enhanced Search Experience

Full Text Search (FTS) has been upgraded to the following versions:


Engine Old version New version Description
Apache Lucene 2.9 4.9 Enables high-performance full-text search.
Apache Tika 1.2 1.6 Detects and extracts metadata and text from a wide variety of file formats.


Lucene 4.9 features a schema-specific multi-file indexing that produces smaller indexes and dramatically improves search performance.

By default, the installer migrates the Lucene 2.9 single-file Full Text Search (FTS) index into Lucene 4.9 schema specific files. The index migration step can be time consuming. To skip the migration step, use the -J BMC_AR_SKIP_FTS_INDEX_MIGRATION=true option when performing a silent installation. 

  • Self-Service promotion (DEV to Prod) & UDM Enhancements

The new Remedy 9.0 introduces the utility to enable you to promote standard changes effectively and reliably across environments. The BMC Remedy Deployment Application provides better control to promote the AR System object customizations and data from one environment to another. 

  • Enhanced Atrium CMDB
    • Separate online documentation for installation and upgrade information
    • New CMDB Dashboard that provides key metrics about the CMDB and CIs
    • Improved performance by use of Denormalized CMDB Data Storage
    • Reduced time to value due to the preconfigured integration of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping
    • Reduced time and expense of integration with preconfigured integration of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    • New dataset-level permissions
    • Central management of configuration logs in a server group environment
    • Configuring BMC Atrium CMDB Engine
    • Introduction of RESTful API to simplify integrations between platforms

New Remedy Version 9.0 Platform and Application Features and Changes:

BMC Remedy AR System server:

  • Improved Archiving
  • Restrictions for users and groups
  • Centralized configuration
  • Service failover
  • AR System server queue threads configuration changes
  • Service operations monitoring
  • Limiting entries in a report
  • API call monitoring
  • Enhanced logging features
  • Full-Text Search enhancements
  • New AR System Server Object — Association
  • BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility enhancements for platform components

BMC Remedy Developer Studio:

  • Reconciling AR customizations
  • Associations object
  • Archiving related forms using associations
  • Restricting developer studio modes
  • Adding an alias for the server name

BMC Remedy Mid Tier:

  • Mid-tier response time monitoring
  • Clustering support for mid-tier
  • Multi-tenancy in mid-tier
  • Skins administration for users
  • Search result pagination

BMC Atrium Core:

  • New CMDB Dashboard that provides key metrics about the CMDB and CI
  • Improved performance by denormalization of the Common Data Model
  • Reduced time to value due to the preconfigured integration of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • New dataset-level permissions
  • Central management of configuration logs in a server group environment
  • Introduction of RESTful API to simplify integrations between platforms

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite:

  • Separate online documentation for installation and upgrade information
  • New smart reporting solution
  • New utility to promote data or code from development to production environment
  • New Archiving solution
  • Use Onboarding wizard to update data
  • BMC ITSM Installation and upgrade enhancements

BMC Service Request Management:

  • Enhanced Online help implementation
  • Archiving of service requests and work orders
  • On Behalf Of enhancements

BMC Remedy shared service implementation:

You can now deploy the following BMC Remedy components as a shared service:

  • BMC Remedy Mid-tier 
  • BMC Remedy Enterprise Centralized Configuration Server
  • BMC Atrium Single-Sign On
  • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting – A Powerful In-App Reporting Experience

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting fills the gap between a complex high-level solution meant for big data and a basic solution missing the flexibility and self-service that people need. It is an easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, delivering drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection as well as Key Performance Indicators with pre-calculated metrics and self-service analytics. It is designed to reuse components, such as Source Connections and Views, as much as possible.


  • The Smart Reporting feature is currently only available for BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Customers with ITSM 9.0 Licensing have access to Smart Reporting
  • This feature is not supported for customers who only have Remedy installed on the server
  • There is no separate licensing required for Smart Reporting
  • Smart Reporting is not replacing BMC Analytics for BSM, which brings together data from Remedy ITSM, BPPM and Cloud. Smart Reporting is more specifically focused around Remedy ITSM reporting.

Smart IT and MyIT – Creating a Beautiful Experience

There is a rising expectation around usability, for intelligent modern, mobile web applications from users. Remedy Version 9.0 delivers a new user experience with Smart IT and MyIT capabilities including: embedded social and collaboration, customizable self-service apps, persona based user experiences, and full mobile functionality (iOS, Android and HTML5).

Want to know more?

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