Introducing MyIT Service Broker

MyIT Service Broker

Service app store for the digital workplace

More than 70 percent of enterprises run at least five different catalogs for IT and business services. This catalog sprawl leads to higher operating costs, increased shadow IT, and reduced worker productivity. MyIT Service Broker lets IT aggregate and manage, deliver and track hardware, software, and services from multiple cloud-based and on-premises sources in a modern service app store.

Eliminate catalog sprawl

Reduce unauthorized IT

Boost worker productivity

Track usage, performance and costs

Amazon-like experience for the enterprise

MyIT Service Broker enables one-stop shopping for IT and business services. Connecting data centers and vendors, both on-premises and cloud-based, to a consumer-style corporate store helps workers find the hardware, software, and services they need to be successful.

Quick on-boarding

IT can aggregate multiple catalogs, from any source, in less time and with fewer workers. Vendors using self-service to publish and market themselves in MyIT Service Broker further accelerates the on-boarding process.

Easy management

Both IT and business managers can create new services and modify existing workflows with drag-and-drop ease. Fully automated procurement processes, going all the way back to the vendor, dramatically simplify and speed up fulfillment.

Modern delivery of services

A unified catalog for hardware, software, and services reduces the time employees waste on request services by 50%. Peer-assisted selection on mobile devices drives adoption.

Intelligent analysis

IT can compare usage and cost to make smarter purchasing decisions. Service-level performance is also monitored to ensure a great user experience for any service – regardless of source or vendor.

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