Looking at Cloud…the Basics of Cloud Computing 101

Convenience, affordability, and durability are some of the major characteristics that cloud computing has provided to modern IT services. It has enabled organizations to combine reliable and scalable IT performance with tangible business results.

However, the road towards cloud computing is not always that clear. The process begins with understanding your own processes, and accommodating cloud computing pattern to suit your business goals. The next stages include strategy planning and implementation. This makes the adoption of cloud computing very critical. Cloud computing services must be designed to provide customers with a one-stop solution to fulfill and maintain cloud computing requirements.

From strategy to design, and delivery to implementation, cloud computing is the combination of effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and minimizing risks. Enabling you to meet business goals with flexible cloud computing, cloud offerings need to be centered on fulfilling the gap between current and the desired IT state of an organization.


Moreover, cloud computing must be supported by a broad range of heterogeneous resources. This facilitates building of improved and uninterrupted cloud infrastructure. Be it public, private or a hybrid, understanding business objectives enable a simple and smooth adoption of a cloud initiative.

Key areas to look for in cloud computing services include:

• Stable cloud infrastructure

• Optimized resource utilization

• Efficient administrative controls

• Easy-to-use self-service portal

• Flexible service design

• Broader resource support

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