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Kinetic Request

Extend the value of BMC® Remedy® with the only service request management system (SRMS) that works with any BMC Remedy commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom application, regardless of version.

Kinetic Request lets you build actionable, ITIL-recommended IT service catalogs that automatically manage, fulfill, and catalog users’ service requests to extend BMC Remedy and ITIL best practices across your organization.

Datasheet: Kinetic Request

Kinetic Request SRMS provides unparalleled operational versatility.

  • Kinetic Request runs on ITSM 4 or above, enabling you to build BMC Remedy service catalogs on any supported version of ITSM or Action Request System.
  • Kinetic Request works on standard BMC Remedy code or customized systems.
  • Kinetic Request is developed natively on the BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) platform, requiring no separate management systems or integration effort.

Kinetic Request Architecture

Kinetic Request makes it easy to quickly implement and build actionable ITIL-recommended service catalogs on BMC Remedy by automatically managing, fulfilling and cataloging user service requests:

  • Kinetic Request’s interface enables users at all experience levels across organizations to quickly build actionable business service catalogs—even those without BMC Remedy development skills.
  • Functional groups outside of IT, such as Facilities and HR, can create catalogs, and manage requests that utilize the workflow capabilities in BMC Remedy.
  • Kinetic Request enables rapid implementation of ITIL-recommended, actionable service catalogs by taking advantage of existing BMC Remedy ARS service delivery processes, approval routing, and workflows.

Kinetic Request enables effective, automatic management, and fulfillment of user service requests:

  • Requests and approvals can be embedded in email messages.
  • Users can track the status of their requests.
  • Management can accurately monitor service delivery time and quality.

Kinetic Request makes it easy to:

  • Create service request submission forms with varying content, questions, layout, and graphics
  • Establish post-submission messaging protocol
  • Publish ITIL service catalogs
  • Optimize the customer-service request management, submission, and resolution experience
  • Integrate with other BMC Remedy applications
  • Manage the approval process and list creation
  • Manage customer service requests across functions—IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities, and service delivery-oriented groups
  • Control reporting and auditing

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