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Kinetic Calendar

Create and manage multiple public and private event and resource calendars, and view associated workflow tasks through calendar entries. Kinetic Calendar lets you build active calendars on BMC Remedy by combining an easy-to-use web calendar interface with its powerful underlying workflow management.

Datasheet: Kinetic Calendar

Kinetic Calendar's Calendar and Event Views

Kinetic Calendar provides a unique way to view event-based data in BMC Remedy and control workflow tasks.

  • Display events from multiple forms and applications on the same calendar
  • Drill down to the detail behind calendar events
  • Build active online calendars that use BMC Remedy workflow and data
  • Organize multiple calendars, with no BMC Remedy development skills required
  • Give your calendars a custom look and feel with CSS templates
  • Create active calendars across your organization—IT, facilities, HR, accounting, sales and marketing, and other functional groups can all use Kinetic Calendar

Kinetic Calendar gives you complete control over user access to calendars.

  • Grant role-based access to calendars based on BMC Remedy login
  • Make calendars public, private, or group-based
  • Enable authorized users to create events directly from the web client interface

Because it's built natively on the BMC Remedy platform, there's no integration effort required to make Kinetic Calendar work smoothly with BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System or ITSM. There's no easier way to display time and date-based data and build active calendars on BMC Remedy for enterprise-wide online access.

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