Is the Data Center Dead?

Before we write the obituary for the Data Center, or even Private Cloud, we need to come to terms with the strengths and challenges that Public Cloud present:

Cost-efficient A la Carte Pricing
Unlimited Storage Data Security
Scalable Backup and Recovery Prone to Attack
Ease of Access Resources are not Local
Quick Deployment Performance/bandwidth
Easier to Operate Loss of Control
Capacity on Demand "Rent and Retire" Mindset not Common

Service Providers: What’s Really Secure?

In understanding the challenges and developing a holistic strategy around public cloud, data security emerges as the top priority. Each and every cloud vendor out there is going to tell you that they’re secure, however, can they prove it? Keep in mind that all cloud vendors are not created equal, neither is their security design and protection from internal and outside threats. It is imperative to understand their ‘secure’ data practices and realize the risks in moving confidential or proprietary business data to the public cloud.

The Mission Critical Data

Before embarking into a full Public Cloud initiative, your entire team needs to understand if the application or service that you’re considering for deploying into the cloud is mission critical. If you are using a Public Cloud provider to manage your shopping cart, for example, chances are that being down, even if for a second, could deeply impact revenue. So if the service is critical, what is the replication strategy and do the costs outweigh the costs of your mission critical apps going down?

A mix of private and public cloud strategies can revolutionize the way we think about Cloud. In a Cloud-ready world, security, compliance, and uptime is more important, not less.

On October 28th, David Savino, Column Technologies CTO, presented the first part in our “Journey to the Cloud” webinar series, which explored this topic further. If you missed the live presentation (or if you’d like to refresh your memory), you can now catch the Journey to the Cloud webinar recording right here.