Is the Cloud for Me

Ever since SalesForce.com made running software in the Cloud popular back in the late 90’s, organizations have been struggling with what to put in the Cloud and what to keep in-house. In the IT Service Management (ITSM) space Service Now started the trend, and now with BMC OnDemand offerings a lot of organizations are asking the question “Is the Cloud for me?”

While BMC OnDemand (BMC Service Desk Express and BMC Remedy) offer great benefits for organizations of all sizes, besides the price savings of going to a subscription model versus perpetual licensing, there are a number of cultural, strategic, and process questions an organization should consider before making a decision.

  • What is it we hope to accomplish by moving our ITSM implementation to the Cloud? For example is the main motivation financial or lack of internal expertise?
  • Who will own this program in the organization?  There is a misconception/myth that once you go to the “Cloud” the organization has no more responsibility, that all the responsibility for maintenance is on the Vendor.
  • What is the organization’s plan/roadmap for ITSM?  Is it going to grow to a business service management initiative?

These are just a few of the questions. The point made here is that moving to the “Cloud” requires a deeper discovery and discussion within the organization for both IT and the Business.  While the financial cost may be attractive, when factoring the other variables of migration to the “Cloud”; i.e. cultural adoption, sacrifice of functionality, data security, etc. it may ending up costing you more than keeping it in house.

In closing the BMC OnDemand offerings like stated earlier offer great benefits to all size organizations.  The key to a successful migration/implementation to the “Cloud” is to understand and communicate why it is beneficial to and how it aligns with the overall Business Strategy.